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Glo >> Holiday Sparkle


Vintage Beaded Sweater >> Ebay
Vince Side Zip Leggings >> Yoox
Chrome Hearts Glasses >> Optica SF
Vintage Christian Dior Clip-Ons >> Etsy
The Andie Sandal >> Madewell
Cage Cuff >> In God We Trust via Need Supply
Art Deco Cameo Ring >> Alameda Flea Market
Priest Resin Ring >> Alameda Flea Market

The holidays are here and I’m bringing the festive cheer (and some sequins) with my oh-so-sexy friend, Glo — you can thank me for this eye-candy later ;) She’s got a seriously eclectic fashion sense (think vintage jewels and sleek modern lines with a touch of pinup vamp), plus she has the brilliant brains to match as an MD-in-the-making. She lives here in SF with my childhood friend (and obviously very lucky man), Eric. A peek into her fabulous closet coming soon in January…

More than just a strong eye for fashion, Glo carries with her the inner confidence to rock a variety of looks — the key to great personal style in my opinion. Whether it’s sexy suited menswear, a slinky maxi, or just a black robe (seriously), she radiates femininity without apology. In fact, she puts outfits together with a similar perspective: mixing and matching with confident ease, forming her own effortless sex appeal. You need to know and love your body to be a true style chameleon and Glo’s got it down pat.

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  1. glo
    December 20, 2013 at 1:08 pm (3 years ago)

    you are too kind!! i’m so honored to be up here :) thank you Sandy! fashion photography is calling you.


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